We’re traveling to D.C. right now and it feels pretty good not having to drive. We scored a deal with #PeterPan for $85 roundtrip tickets! Online they promoted outlets for charging as well as Wifi. The wifi connections are almoat nonexistent so him being an IT specialist, I had to hear all about thw connection and speed teats and how badly he needs to talk to thw bus driver of the next bus to make sure it’ll have a strong signal. Needless to say, we change buses almost made us late bc of the conversation in NY and he gets his MIFI (personal router) connected. THEN BROTHA MAN DIDNT WANT TO SHARE. I was a bit upset but hey, it’s not mine anyway. Let him have it. At least he’s content now.

Lets be honest here…having a bf that likes to joke around has both pros and cons. On one hand the jpkes can come in handy and make light of a situation. However, on the other hand, a joke can turn an ugly matter even worse of not used correctly. I say this to say that I am a natural haired woman who from time to time likes to wear my hair out & free. But sometimes I feel as if I am setting myself up to be the butt of a joke when I try a new style or approach. My hair means a lot to me and I dont necessarily like being the one picked on. He says he likes natural hair and even his mom gets picked on from time to time for not wearing it out but how do I make it clear that my style is my style an it is not to be made fun of? #pleasehelp


Ive started this new weight loss journey on.a smoothie called “Right Size”. Its been doing everything I hoped for and although I’ve only been on it for 6 days…I’ve noticed a 3 pound difference (on the scale). Im looking at my body and where I want it to be and I keep telling myself that where I am now will never be where I end up again. I do not like my body right now. But I will remain consistent until I reach the goal. Im hoping to get there by my birthday. #stayingpositive

2 miles in 28 minutes! Yes!

Love this!

Definitely an idea for our engagement pictures!

Tonight I was met with a unexpected surprise. My honey came over, after class, to spend time and this time he brought gifts. I used to make a big stink about a man getting his lady flowers every one in a while but tonight he went even further and gave a gift that means so much more. Tonight I received an elephant and bracelet from Africa. The elephant symbolizes ancient strength, protection andgood luck while the beds each have their own symbolic meaning. He really thought outside the box with this one and I wanted to thank him a thousand times over. How considerate! He knows me well!

Less disappointment that way. Stop giving wife privileges if your only his girl. #relationships

Happy Hump Day

Happy Hump Day

Babe made me dinner last night. I enjoyed the view :)

Babe made me dinner last night. I enjoyed the view :)

My honey really came through for us tonight. Thank you babe.

I love when he rubs my feet <3 (and he HATES feet)