Poop normally isn’t a subject we wanna talk about, but since we’re here….

Been up for 24 hours laughing, dancing, and enjoying each other all day/night. He’s a keeper :) #timeflies #bestfriend #BlackLove #GoodMorning


Did you pick the right major?

H&R Block looked into college majors, starter jobs, locations and the state of industries to examine how relevant a person’s major might be to the eventual size of their wallet.

The results are pretty subjective. Even if it’s profitable, not everyone wants to go into the business, STEM or medical fields — and really, it’s not huge news that engineers, techies, business professionals and medical personnel are in demand and make good money. But the chart does underscore the incontestable fact that STEM professions are still a very good bet for a college student looking to get a good job right out of school.

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my biggest, most pressing fear at the moment is that i won’t make enough money in my life to live comfortably.


i mean. the comfort that i’m used to, anyway.

which i’m very fortunate to have. but i haven’t deserved that; my parents did that. i have to create my own comfort now and i’m scared i can’t attain it.

basically: i’m fucking terrified i will be broke as fuck.

Real shit

Together we’ve been working hard to make and exceed our weight loss goals. My journey really kicked into gear around December. His, around this time last year. Boy how we’ve changed :)

Then and Now

Together we’ve been working hard to make and exceed our weight loss goals. My journey really kicked into gear around December. His, around this time last year. Boy how we’ve changed :)


Jesus…. Makes me miss my baby


But it’s my turn now :(

My man likes it when I come with him shopping to get a new outfit. when it’s my turn to get a new outfit he has a problem and gets impatient. I don’t understand why.

He does the right things when they’re needed. I’m glad he listens :)

I really need to get back to writing in my journal. because the past few weekends have been really nice. my boyfriend has been doing things to put smiles on my face and he deserves to be praised right now.

Two weekends ago he took us on a staycation to celebrate our two year anniversary. When we first met, thinking out of the box wasn’t his forte. But now he’s willing and definitely down to do a lot more. What made it special was the Jacuzzi. We enjoyed it tremendously! I had cramps the entire next day ;) breakfast in bed has to be the cake topper… He’s the best.

this past weekend he took care of me. I got really sick and my stomach was hurting badly. He usually goes to the gym really late because he’s a third shift worker and his schedule for sleeping is off. so as he was on his way out the door at 2 o’clock in the morning, I turned over in pain because my stomach was killing me. he got me all the medicine and gave me all the attention I needed. he even asked if he should cut his workout short. I was surprised to hear those words especially because he’s been working out consistently and losing weight just as he planned. and there’s no way I would want to disrupt his workout routine. but he took care of me and he went to the gym then came back and took care of me some more. last weekend he really came through for me and I appreciate him for that.

this weekend we’re going out dancing with the family to an all white party. he doesn’t dance but the fact that he wants to go with us is everything that I wish for. I’m glad he’s mine.

and in two weeks we’re going down to DC for the fireworks with some friends. we’re going to be celebrating our 2 year anniversary as well. We’ll eat as many crabs and seafood as possible. Team no sleep. He’s definitely my traveling buddy. My best friend. My lover.

I love him.

Past, Why won’t you leave me THE HELL alone

they say people should get over their past. but for some reason I feel like mine is following me. it’s time to move away from the small circle. begin life a new with a man I call my love. my joy. my hero. but these feelings of resentment and anger linger for a man I find pure disgust and hatred for. Iask myself why am I mad when I see someone that looks like her? even the slightest resemblance gets me to a place where I don’t like to be. Is it because I know she was the one who took you away? why do I even care? I moved on. and my mind body and soul all belong to another man. is your soul still searching? is that why it was so hard for you to leave, texting my phone just one last time? that night we made love (a few years ago) does she know about about that? When you gave me the boot and made it clear she was all you wanted. Does she know you wanted me ONE MORE TIME? Good knows I did. 45 minute drives to see you was nothing at 1am when she away at her place and you’re all alone. At the time I’d do anything. But I was STUPID! It was written all over my body. But shit, I was here first. She’s a result of our unhappiness. I need to pray on this. and ask God to rid me of these thoughts. you no longer matter. and I’m very sure of that. My thoughts are scattered and I’m sure this doesn’t make sense. I had to get this off my chest and put this energy into the universe. I dont hate what we had bc what I had for.you was beautiful. I just hate how it all ended. But let it go. I need it to go away. I have a new man now and he’s everything you should have been. If only my new man was here first. Everything would be alright.

please God help.


Brazilian police clash with indigenous groups protesting World Cup.

If this ain’t the cutest thing